Regional tournament to determine future for Science Olympiad team

Micala Carpenter, Reporter

The Science Olympiad team will compete in the regional tournament this weekend at Grand Valley State University. If the team places in one of the top 10 spots, the members get to move on to the state event which is held at Michigan State University on April 30.

“At States you are at a level where it gets frustrating and scary to see if you get to move onto the national tournament,” member Andrea VanDyke said.

The team as been preparing and working hard to get to regionals this year. Many members, including VanDyke are looking forward a day of fun and focus.

“As my first year not competing I’m excited to be an alternate to support my team and be there when needed,” VanDyke said. “I’m also looking forward to see all the competitors getting medals and taking that trophy home.”