YouTubers Unite Transforms into Grand Haven Productions


Spencer Sortman, Reporter

 YouTubers Unite, the club recently started by junior, Arthur Burke is undergoing a few changes and plans to introduce the official GHHS YouTube channel soon. The club has also decided on a new name, “Grand Haven Productions,” due to the wish to bring in more people interested in filmography and to avoid misleading people with the original name, YouTubers unite.  

The new name is also going to be given to the recently started, GHHS YouTube channel. The club is planning on producing several videos to start off the official school channel.

The club has procured two videos that have come into production phase, one of which will involve the other school clubs. Burke has contacted the club leaders for input on the new ideas.

Grand Haven Productions plans to film the videos in a span of three days. The first video will be a sort of “school pride” video mixed in with additional club information.

“We are going to have a member of each club say a few introductory words about their club and what they like about it,” Burke said. “After that they’re going to say one word that describes GHHS.”

The other planned video topic for the club will revolve around bullying. However, they are adamant about making a video that is not normally seen in other schools.

“The other bullying videos made by other schools are sort of generic,” Burke said. “We’ve got to try to spice it up a bit so that people will actually watch it.”

The club currently takes place every Tuesday and Friday from 2:42 to 4 p.m. in the library computer lab. You can contact Arthur Burke at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns about the club.