Catalina officers start practices for this year’s show

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

The officers do a lot and that includes picking out songs that fit the theme for their show. The theme has to work for everyone and they have to make sure that their dances don’t look too similar. 

“Everything that is the Catalina show we have to organize,” officer Ellary Bylsma said. “The whole show is us.”

Jessica Boyer, Bylsma, Emily Olson, and Lilja Plumert, are this year’s officers, and they’re excited to see all their hard work come to life in this year’s Catalina show.

“It’s a full-year commitment,” Plumert said. “A lot of work goes into it.”

The girls are chosen as officers when they’re juniors. They give a speech and are judged by the other girls on how well their performance is. Later on, girls from the club vote for four new Catalina officers for the next year to come. 

“It’s very very nerve-racking,” Boyer said.

The officers expect the show to be fast-paced along with lots of high energy. They say the music has a lot of variation and different generations will like it. 

“It’s not all music from this era,” Olson said.