Girl Up Toiletry Drive works to provide hygiene products for people in need

Sydney Kroll

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May 25, 2022

The Girl Up Toiletry Drive is taking place until Thanksgiving break.

The Girl Up Toiletry Drive is taking place until thanksgiving break. They are looking for hygiene products such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, and menstrual products. The products will be given to the Bucs Care food pantry to be distributed.

“We started this because one of the biggest things that Girl Up deals with is the hygiene disparity around the world,” said leader Avery Rant. “It’s a big target effort that we like to focus on.”

If anyone would like to contribute, there is a donation box located next to the Bucs Care bin in the airlock before the attendance office, or they can be given to Mrs. Wunder in room 3106. All donations are appreciated and will help local families in need.

“We just want to make an impact,” leader Olivia Vink said. “Because even if it’s a small impact within our community, it’s still an impact. Slowly helping our community, we can help others like this, even though we’re just doing a small thing.”