True love shines through in Jenn Bennett’s “Starry Eyes”

True love shines through in Jenn Bennett's

After reading Starry Eyes you’ll never see romance the same way ever again. 

I mean bathing in rivers by campfires and hiking up mountains and through caves is more Bear Grylls, an expert survivalist, and less the classic romance  Romeo and Juliet. However, similar to the tragic couple, Zorie and Lennon’s journey through California’s backcountry comes with its own set of lover’s quarrels and family feuds. 

The beginning of Zorie and Lennon was sweet, simple, and easy. That’s what’s great about childhood friendships. It’s when you fall for your best friend that problems come up. 

Thus, it started the “Great Experiment” between Zorie and Lennon, with all the benefits of a real relationship. However, like all careless decisions, it’s fall apart and so does their relationship for several years.

 It’s not until they are forced to go “glamping” in the wilderness, that these two are thrown back together and have to figure out their issues, especially when they’re stranded and have to find their way back home. 

But just like the vivid and breathtaking background of California, the characters Zorie and Lennon take my breath away and sometimes my tears in the best way possible. 

The fact these two even found each other is something straight out of a movie. Zorie during the day has a borderline compulsive disorder for planning and by night is analyzing star constellations. Where Lennon’s obsession is in the reptile form, along with his side of artistic flare. But, the best part is they started out as friends, call me a clique but I miss the books where writers built a solid foundation on friendship before starting a romantic relationship. But, it has its own set of compilations being in love with your best friend. 

I just love that the majority of the time finding their way back to each other is in the heart of the dirtiest, scariest, and messiest wilderness of California. But messy is the perfect way to describe their relationship, but it’s also one of the greatest love stories I’ve ever read because of it.

It’s easier to fall in love with someone when you’re both looking your best, with your hair set perfectly and when your clothes have been machine washed. For some people, it’s hard to look past the sweat and dirt-stained clothing, but Zorie and Lennon make it look easy. 

They made me a true believer that looks are not everything when regarding relationships, they’re both so confident with each other it’s not only inspiring but thrilling

.Jenn Bennette throughout the rule book on clean romance and I applaud her for it.

 I will never again be able to read another romance novel with a mansion settling because to me, real romance is based on whether or not you can spend days in the wilderness together and come out loving each other more.