On Tuesday, May 4, senior Ashlyn Pahl signed to continue her volleyball career in the upcoming fall. Pahl will be attending Carthage College to major in neuroscience.

What are you looking forward to this upcoming fall?

“I’m looking forward to getting to be on a whole new team and it’s really cool when you get to be a family of a team for a long time and so it’ll be like we’re just starting over, but I think it’ll be really fun. [There’s] the potential to make as many friendships that we made in high school.”

Why have you chosen to continue your volleyball career?

“It’s kind of always been like ‘the dream’ to go into it. As senior year approached, I was still a little back and forth, but I didn’t like the idea of not playing volleyball. Having a volleyball team is kind of like having friends and a community going into [college].”

What made you think that your college choice was the best fit for you?

“I really wanted to go out of state and Carthage kind of gave me the opportunity to get to go somewhere new. When I got on campus, I really loved it. I felt like I could picture myself being there.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“It seems daunting to try and get recruited, but it’s definitely possible. You have to make sure that you are performing relationships with coaches early. You want to get to a good place with your high school and health coaches because they can get you a lot of connections. You have to reach out and put yourself out there. You really have to work to make those relationships.”