Senior Savannah Hankinson learns to spend time at home


Senior Savannah Hankinson walks with her dogs Charlie and Henry during “Coronacation”.

Senior Savannah Hankinson is not used to being at home 24/7.

Before “coronacation” started, she spent her time hanging out with friends, going to school, coaching gymnastics, going out to eat and shopping.

Obviously, this has all changed for her, along with almost everyone else in Grand Haven and the United States. Now she is trying to find ways to occupy herself with all this new free time on her hands.

“I have been spending a lot of my time outdoors, taking my dogs on walks as well as cleaning,” Hankinson said. “Hopefully as this starts to clear up I will be able to spend time with friends but until then I am staying home and enjoying some time with my brothers, Sam and Cameron.”

Hankinson was caught off guard when she heard the news that she would not have to go to school for at least a month.

“I was honestly a little shocked,” Hankinson said. “It was crazy how at the beginning of the week the coronavirus was just a meme on social media, but by the end of the week I was cleaning out my locker preparing to leave school for a month.”

The thing that worries her the most is that there are so many unknowns for the future. And the possibility of not being able to go to her senior spring break, senior prom, senior banquet or even graduation is also disheartening.

“Senior year has been something I have dreamed of for so long,” Hankinson said. “Not having a specific answer on what these next few months will look like has been the hardest part.”

Even though there are so many unanswered questions, she’s trying to take things step-by-step. She hopes these weeks out of school and this time away from friends will be worth it in the end.

“It’s a learning experience for everybody so there’s lots of trial and error that we have to work through together,” Haninson said. “So there will obviously be some bumps in the road and knowing that we’re all going through the same thing together and having all of the support around me has really lifted me up.”