5 Things to know this week


Kevin Swain, Senior staff writer

  1. Pope Francis’ plane departed for Rome on Sunday night, ending his historic six-day visit to the United States. Pope Francis, the first pope ever to give an address to Congress, spent time in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington DC.
  2. A camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured images of dark streaks on the Red Planet, which researchers say provides evidence for liquid water currently on Mars.
  3. President Obama said Monday that any solution to Syria’s long-fought civil war must not include support for Syria’s “tyrant” president Bashar Assad. The president’s stance is starkly different from that of Russian President Vladimir Putin on how to end the Syrian crisis and stabilize the Middle East.
  4. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s email archive, which was turned over to federal officials, was found to be missing about two months-worth of messages from her time as Secretary of State. The FBI is struggling to recover Clinton’s messages.
  5. A gunman was killed by police at Umpqua Community College in Oregon after he murdered at least 9 people. Witnesses say the suspect specifically targeted Christians in the attack.