Drama Club starting up


Lexi Fisher, Reporter

Drama club has started up this school year with meetings happening bi-weekly on Friday’s starting from after school until 4:30 p.m. in the auditorium. The next meeting is on October 30. New students are welcome at any meeting, regular attendance is not required. Lessons are taught at the beginning of each meeting relating to theatre topics. 

There are four officers that lead the drama club: President Audrey Trucks, Vice President Ali Clark, Secretary Kate Eisnor and Public Relations officer Kassidy Bush. President Audrey Trucks had an insightful point of view on the drama club and wanted to reach out to all of the students who don’t  know what the drama club is about. Flyers are made and posted in the school hallways prior to the next coming meeting with all of the event details. 

“I think my main reason for liking theatre and the drama club is it is very cool to bond over a shared passion” Audrey Trucks said. 

Drama club is a very heartwarming group of people who find a common joy in learning and performing theatre. If you are looking for a fun club to join that is very laid back, fun, and interactive then drama club is for you. If you decide to join the drama club, just make sure to bring a big smile and an optimistic attitude!