Senior Georgia Basil qualifies for states


Grace Ostric

TEAMMATE TEAMWORK: Senior Georgia Basil helps a teammate out by holding a sign in the water showing the number of laps swam. Basil recently qualified for the state competition.

Grace Ostric, Editor in Chief

Senior Georgia Basil qualified for the state swim competition. She qualified in the 200 IM with a time of 2:10.32 and 500 free with a time of 5:12.40. States will take place Nov. 21 at Hudsonville High School. She will swim in two individual events. Basil is a distance swimmer. 

Her training consisted of swimming a larger amount of yards than normal and then resting for the two weeks prior to the competition. Although the method is a bit outdated in the swimming community (some coaches are starting to prefer the quality of yards over quantity of yards), Basil has found the method successful for her. 

“I’m excited just because it’s my last one (meets) with the high school for Grand Haven,” Basil said. “I’ve been there before and some of us have done this multiple times so it’s not super scary.”

There are some changes to the meet due to COVID-19. Swimmers will have to wait in classrooms before their events, no spectators are allowed, masks are required and the meet is now one day as opposed to two. 

 “It’s okay but it’s just gonna be really different than usual,” Basil said.