Zellman adds to adventure novels


Nick Miller

Junior Tate Zellman released his second novel, “The Cunninghams.” He is now a self-published author of two novels.

Nick Miller, Reporter

Over quarantine junior Tate Zellman wrote his second book. He plans to release about 250 copies within a few weeks. 

“The Cunninghams” is a story about a family living in early Texas having just moved from their old home. The novel describes the family’s hardships of moving to a completely new and unique location from that of their old one. Towards the climax of the story, there is a huge twist that will change the outcome of everything. But you’ll have to read to find out!

Zellman describes the main character, James, as having very similar traits to him. He hopes he can grow into the person that James turns out to be. James, as the father of the family, shows traits of a hard-working, brave, and honest man.

“I actually went through Google to find names that I liked,” Zellman said. “I wanted to find one that didn’t really seem too common that’s used all the time like you know, the Jacksons, the Johnsons, so I wanted to find one that sounded cool but wasn’t, you know, common.”