Debate Club meeting


Mike Baldus, Reporter

The Debate Club meets every Monday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

The club is smaller than most with only six members. The leader Aashray Mandala wants to give students the opportunity to work on real life skills, like debating.

“People who like who don’t usually like to talk in class have a great opportunity and a vessel here to show what they know,” Mandala said. ”If you want to strengthen your skills, and you love debating, just join the club.” 

Debates can have a wide range of topics.

“Yeah, it could range from anything from political environment to also silly topics like what’s the best TV show,” Mandala said. “It can get charged in there sometimes but, as Mr. Robertson said, we’re all mature enough, and we should be able to handle.”

The debates could even get to a more controversial level, making a more interesting environment.

“We would have teams of two people kind of like a boxing match where you would tap tap each other out,” Mandala said. “Then we just go along from there.”