Finest Yet

Adrienne Parcheta, Reporter

The one and only former One Direction star Harry Styles released a new album on Dec. 13 called “Fine Line.” Not only is Styles divine looking, but his vocal abilities are also through the roof! 

His previous album, “Harry Styles,” was a shock to all considering his past songs. Styles was now swearing, talking more sexually and had an overall different vibe from when he was a member of One Direction. 

I didn’t bother listening to more than two songs from that album, I was still distraught from the boy band’s breakup and didn’t want to believe they were truly over. 

Now, going into his newly-released album, I have completely grown from the breakup and am excited to hear Styles’ talent and feel out his new vibes. 

The new album is mostly about his past lovers, maturity, and strong emotions. Almost all of the songs on the album have to do with love or a girl. At first, I thought he was singing about one specific girl, but when I started to ask around, many thought he was singing about multiple – which I can see now.  

The first song I listened to was the first song on the album, “Watermelon Sugar.” This was one of the more popular songs off the new album and my older sister being the Harry Styles fan-girl she is, immediately started blowing up my phone, telling me to listen.  

Watermelon Sugar

Rating: **/*****

Watermelon Sugar was not my favorite. His voice is beautiful, soothing and outstandingly sexy. I thought the beat and instruments were okay, I just didn’t think it went very well with his voice. His voice didn’t mesh well with the guitar and the vibe didn’t feel like him at all. I enjoyed the lyrics, although I didn’t fully understand them, which is a big thing for me. It didn’t really make me feel anything or leave any lasting thoughts after I listened. He sang well, but I just needed something more. 


Rating: *****/*****

I adored this song. It was precious and made me feel. This song is a slow love song, which I LOVE! It’s obvious that this song is about an ex-girlfriend, as he talks about missing an accent and his lovers’ friends. Although the lyrics are direct and specific, they still make me feel sad and loveless, but also peaceful because Styles sings it so beautifully. The background beats were slow and fit well with Styles’ higher-pitched voice. This song definitely deserves the 5 out of 5 rating.

To Be So Lonely 

Rating: ****/*****

When I first listened to this song, I can’t lie, my thoughts were a bit iffy. The part in the song where I believe they’re just lightly tapping the guitar to make that noise, sounds a bit off-key from his voice. But as I listened more and more, I began to find a special liking in this song. I think a major part of that is the lyrics. I like the way he sounds when he sings it and the different voice ranges that he uses. I also really like the way the beat changes around.