West plunges into spiritual failure


Gabi Nadeau, Reporter

Kanye West’s new album, Jesus is King, is a disappointing release. Not only did it lack culture but it was a completely new genre of music and appeal for his household name. 

Kaynes fame started from being such an “out there” artist, not restraining how he felt, and speaking his mind like he did in his iconic track “Runaway”. With his new look it almost seems like he’s trying to conform to fit his age group at 42 years old.

Kanye went from rapping for the streets, rebelling against the elder to preaching the gospel to the elders named Karen driving minivans.

Release date 

October 25, 2019


The new album is in the Christian genre and at first listen I thought it was a joke, but apparently Kanye is switching it up and sharing his religious beliefs.


Listening through this album I felt shocked, as 2016 Kanye said: “I MISS DA OLD KANYE”. I support artist decision to switch up paths and explore new sounds, for instance his beats are less intense and give more soothing calming noises. The only song I was able to bop my head with was “follow god”, I surprisingly liked the beat but in my free time I dont care to listen to someone who was so cocky in saying “Father, I stretch, Stretch my hands to You”. The whole album made me feel confused about his path. If I’m going to listen to an artist I listen for the sound and message and I was not digging the switch of personality. Overall this work made me disappointed and any interest I might once have had for Kanye has faded.