Girls rugby gives Livingston a Buccaneer beatdown


Ayebah Wilson

Both teams go up for a crucial lineout during Sunday’s contest

Nick Garvale, Reporter

What: The Grand Haven girls rugby team shut-out Livingston 49-0 on Sunday. The girls looked invincible as their communication and teamwork motored them to a strong performance. The closely knit team has demonstrated that it is just as important to have chemistry as it is to have talent. In each of their practices, the Lady Bucs pride themselves on hard work day in and day out, always playing like they practice when it’s time to suit up.

They said it: “The communication with each other is the most important part. We are all committed to what we are doing and we all genuinely enjoy it” — Emily Vandyke

Up next: The Lady Bucs will take on Sparta this coming Sunday at 3pm with home field advantage.