Q&A with Assistant Golf Coach Taylor Schriber

Chris Hudson, Editor in Chief

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Q: How long have you been around the sport of golf? What got you to start playing and more importantly to start wanting to coach it?

A: I have been around the sport of golf since I can remember. I remember being three years old owning a pair of plastic clubs and balls and hitting them around the backyard. I enjoyed playing outside, really just hitting the ball and watching it fly. My only hole-in-one in my lifetime has been a 30 yard shot in my backyard with a plastic ball and clubs. I would consider myself an avid golfer and wanted to be around the sport more as each season would come around. After running the State Championship last year for Division 1, I realized really quickly that I wanted to be a part of the golf program that I believe has the talent to make it to the State Championship.

Q: How did you become the assistant head golf coach for the program and who approached you?

A: Our varsity golf coach Randy White contacted me towards the end of last year asking if I would be willing to help out the varsity team this spring. I was a little bummed to leave my freshman baseball boys behind but gladly took the position of assistant golf coach this spring.

Q: What were your first thoughts about being asked to help coach the team?

A: I was just very excited to be around the game full time and excited to be around some talented players. I was also pumped to be coaching a varsity sport for the first time during my tenure here at Grand Haven High School.

Q: What is your coaching style like?

A: I think in the sport of golf there needs to be an aspect of both skill development and fun. They typically will go hand in hand, if your skills are developed and you have a good round of golf it can be a lot of fun. As a coach I try to instill in the players the ability to move beyond the past and think more about what is coming. Golf is nine or 18 holes of thinking, strategy, and overall execution. If you dwell on the last hole the next hole becomes just as hard.

Q: How has your experience as a coach gone so far?

A: We have had a good season so far but it is not even close to being over. We’re in 2nd place in the conference and I truly believe we have what it takes to win the conference and win Regionals to play in the State Championship. I am always learning every day as a coach. Each day brings a new set of challenges and victories and it is what we do with those highs and lows that sets us apart from the competition. The same goes for coaching so I have been asking a lot of questions and observing our coach as well as others in the conference.

Q: How do you think the golfers on the team feel with you helping coach the team?

A: The one great thing about me helping out is another pair of eyes on the course and I think the boys like having that in regards to instruction and encouragement.

Q: Could you give me a quick timeline of some of the big moments you’ve had that led up to you becoming the assistant head coach – like when you learned to play etc.?

A: I competed in high school golf my freshman through junior year for Freeland High School.  I truly believe and will say this to this day, that golf is the best high school sport to participate in. It was by far my favorite sport to play in high school. There is a team aspect with scoring but you also get to compete as an individual. You get to meet some incredible athletes and players from other schools all while competing against them. Not only that but you have the chance to play the sport of golf for the rest of your life, be outside, and compete in outings, tournaments, etc. My goal is to pass along my love and passion for the game of golf to the kids I coach and hopefully grow the sport not only for Grand Haven High School but the sport as a whole.

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