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Interact club looks to spread light to GH community

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

January 14, 2020

Interact club is a service club that allows members of the club to go around the community and help out where help is needed.  “It’s an awesome group of people that want to connect with others and serve,” adviser John Mauro said. The interact club statement letter says they reflect on...

GHHS named “school of the year” for vaping education

Deputy Mackeller and Mrs. Schmitt along with others received the

Natalie Dupuis, Reporter

November 13, 2019

Grand Haven High School partnered with a few different organizations through the Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAPC) and was able to work and prevent the use of teen substance abuse.  “It’s not just for vaping,” deputy Jake Mackeller said. “It’s for any substance, but vaping se...

Inductees honored at Hall of Fame ceremony

Principal Tracy Wilson congratulates inductee Gene Van Dongen after his speech.

Morgan Womack, Co-Editor-In-Chief

November 10, 2019

Attendees consisted of teachers, members of administration, retired staff and overall supporters of the inductees.   All of the 13 inductees fit into one of five pillars, including arts, athletics, career, service and honorary.   Each inductee gave a speech when called to the podium. Joh...

Learning walks show parents high school experience

Chelsea Bender assists students with a lab in her chemistry classroom

Emma Manzo, Reporter

November 7, 2019

WHAT'S THE STORY? Principal Tracy Wilson has several upcoming learning walks for parents to observe what high school is like for their students on Wednesday Nov. 19 from 1p.m. to the end of the day, Dec. six at 9a.m. and Dec. 16 at 10a.m. The experience usually lasts an hour and a half depending on...

Parent-teacher conferences were a success

Science teacher Katy Walters conferences with parents. Teachers were dispersed throughout the gym.

Grace Montgomery, Reporter

October 29, 2019

Parent-teacher conferences were held from 2:15-2:45 p.m. and 5:30-8:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 24. During these time slots, invited juniors and seniors received academic letters and pins in the performing arts center.  “Conferences give parents and teachers an intentional opportunity to talk about student...

Snow days causing CHAOS

So many snow days have students beginning to wonder if they should be studying during their time off or if they should be enjoying the time away from the classroom. Many found during the “snow-pocalypse” that a healthy balance of both was necessary to getting through the break.

Caleb Berko, Managing Editor

February 19, 2019

The number of snow days this semester has been unpredictable and the plethora of days away does not come without consequence. Each year the state allots six days to districts for weather related days off with the potential for three more. However, we have had 11 days off this semester. People...

School Construction Plans

School Construction Plans

Emily Bruch, News Editor

November 20, 2014

Each year, students and staff in the music and athletic departments work hard and strive for excellence. Due to the growth of these programs, there is a need for expansion projects for their facilities. “We need more space,” principal Tracy Wilson said. “We have more art students involved in...