Escape Equation

Mike Baldus, Reporter

Teacher Mark Londot’s precalculus classes reviewed for their test in a unique way on Tuesday, March 3. Students participated in Londot’s original St. Patrick’s Day themed escape room to practice probability, combinations and permutations.

“I’m hoping they have fun when they learn math or when they practice math,” Londot said. “So I try to, you know, incorporate some aspect that I think would be fun for students while we’re still learning the math and practicing the soft skills.”

The escape room incorporated teamwork as well. Students grouped into teams of four. The teams tore the room apart looking for boxes with multiple locks. To unlock the boxes the students would have to solve a math equation.

To begin, they only had one problem to help them figure out the first combination. Each box contained more equations with answers that unlocked the five locks holding the final box shut. Those who were able to ‘escape’ reached the candy inside, which not many got to open.

“A lot of times teamwork is a skill that they need to learn,” Londot said. “Because in the workforce today, we have people to collaborate with. So I thought that I would push for them to kind of learn how to get better.”