Von Zimmer album review

Von Zimmer album review

Kaysi Abbatoy, Reporter

Von Zimmers album “Freddies Extra Teeth” has me confused. While the lyrics are a fresh look on social and political problems facing the world, the combination of hectic sound and hard to understand lines has me stumped.

The lyrics are intense and make good points on the flaws of society and government. While interesting at first, this bombastic sound becomes repetitive as you listen deeper into the album. Although the lyrics were relatable in that they were written about some tough topics, they lack a catchy beat, ultimately resulting in a flat sound.

Zimmer also sings about issues in world such as murderers, terrorist attacks, and drug abuse.

He sings, “Censoring music for failure to conform/Desire to control leads you to misinform.” The meaning of these lyrics portray the idea that government and the media compacts everyone into a cookie cutter shape and if a song or a person for that matter does not meet the standards of this hierarchy they will be suppressed.

A personal favorite is “The End of the World” which is about how the government’s keeping everyone on their toes in subjects like aliens, and terrorist. The song also talks about media censorship.

This album may not be on every shelf but it can be purchased on amazon, iTunes or streamed on Spotify and YouTube.

Although I was not the biggest fan of this album you may want to give it a shot on your own, especially if you are a fan of alternative music.