Coach Wiebenga named regional wrestling coach of the year


Coach Jeremey Wiebenga has been named regional wrestling coach of the year. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Wiebenga)

Natalie Dupuis, Assigning Editor

Wrestling coach Jeremy Wiebenga has been recognized as regional wrestling coach of the year.

“Just knowing how to support your head coach and follow his lead is a job well done,” Wiebenga said. 

He says wrestling head coach Vincent Gervais is well respected and nominated Wiebenga for the award.

“I think it’s important to know that all of our coaches on our staff are the reason why we get recognized for things like this,” Wiebenga said. 

Wiebenga is where he is today with coaching because of his past coach, James Richardson, in football and wrestling.   

“Coach Richardson kind of led me into coaching after I got out of high school while I was in college,” Wiebenga said. “He was a good positive influence.” 

Because of Richardson’s influence, Wiebenga was able to be recognized for the award. 

“I think it’s an award that could go to any of our six coaches that are on staff,” Wiebenga said. “I take it more as a coaching staff award more than a personal award.”