‘Promposal’ contest submitting begins

Elizabeth Tibbe , Co-editor in chief

It’s that time again, first it was coming up with the perfect homecoming proposal, but now the stakes are higher, it’s prom season. Girls are spending their time looking for the perfect dress and guys are hoping they pick the right color tie. But most importantly, the ideas for a “promposal” are brewing. So make it good and capture that perfect kodak moment.

We held a competition for the best homecoming proposal in school and now it’s the big leagues, #bladepromposal16. The reward will go to the proposal picture with the most votes after the one week voting period, last year’s winning couple walked away with two free tickets to prom and after-prom, this years prize is to be announced.

Tweet us, email us, or hashtag  your proposal post to submit your photo into the contest. The submission period will start March 14  and end April 24  at midnight. The voting period will then begin on May 3  and end May 5 at midnight. The winner will be revealed during third hour announcements on May 6, and prizes will be delivered.

All submissions will be reviewed and posted as they are entered.  The top 10 will be decided by the Bucs’ Blade staff based on originality and creativity but not by photo quality, from there the winner will be decided by student votes only.

How to enter:

Tweet us: @TheBucsBlade
Email us: [email protected]
Hashtag your photo with #bladepromposal16