Senior AJ Brummel recognized as September Rotary Student of the Month


Photo courtesy of AJ Brummel

AJ Brummel has been recognized as one of two for September Rotary Student of the Month.

Senior AJ Brummel was named September Rotary Student of the Month along with Georgia Basil. 

“I was honored,” Brummel said. “It’s an accomplishment.”

Students of the month are recognized for their academic and community accomplishments. 

“We were prompted to explain what we had done in terms of academics and community outreach and clubs,” Brummel said.

Those who are selected as students of the month speak with local businessmen and serve as an example of what their money is going towards, in terms of education funding.

“We did a Zoom meeting and we were giving our speech virtually,” Brummel said. “It was a little intimidating at first, because you know, there’s all these successful people and you feel like you’re a kid, but they just talked about what they’re doing for the community and asked who we were.”

Brummel says he’s honored to be recognized.

“It’s something to be proud of and to say that I was able to pull this off with my hard work,” Brummel said.